In your User:

 class: Phonenumber  // model name for relation
 local: id           // key in this table
 foreign: id         // key in the referenced table
 type: many          // User has MANY phonenumbers
 foreignType: one    // Phonenumber has ONE user
 alias: Phonenumber  // What a user calls Phonenumber
 foreignAlias: User  // What a Phonenumber calls User

Given that you’re declaring the “id” for both tables instead of allowing Doctrine to create them automatically, you may need to include the “local” and “foreign”… havent tested.

2 relations for a same table

just define a different name for each of them, and use a class attribute:

User: {class: rsource, local: oid_user, foreign: oid, foreignAlias: ASAusers }
CDP: {class: rsource, local: oid_cdp, foreign: oid, foreignAlias: ASAcdps }